Why I hate Sultan Center

I went to sultan center today around 1:30 craving for Ice Tea…

Maybe my timing wasn’t totally right, but I love going there at this late hour… So quite… Not crowded… Peaceful…

The annoying thing is, their goods selection… I know they bring amazing and weird stuff from unknown places (Mostly from USA)… But recently they’ve been lacking in their selection…

So here what happened today:

I was craving for “Lipton Ice Tea” which is a common good in most supermarkets… So I went to Sultan Center in Sharq Mall hoping to find some… NONE!!!

So I thought of finding any drinkable Ice Tea there… NOTHING!!!… There was powdered Ice Tea which isn’t drinkable unless I mix it with water and I wanted to drink some NOW!

Then I thought of checking the great collection of carbonated drinks they usually bring… All I could see is the diet “Dr.Pepper” stuff and diet “A&W” and the normal Pepsies and Cokes… Why diet? Where’s the regular ones?

I ended up buying “Pringles Extreme” and “3 Cadbury Twirls”…

So I thought of paying the Salmiya branch a visit… And I was thinking if there was no instantly drinkable Ice Tea I’ll just go home and sleep…

And yes… No Ice Tea… I really got disapointed because there’s no good goods in there anymore (Well nothing that I’d buy… And when I usually go there I just try weird and new things)…

I felt like browsing around… No new good chocolates… No new good cookies and biscuts… No new good drinks… I ended up buying “Mango Madness Cocktail Snapple” just because I felt weird going in, browsing for half an hour and go out buying nothing…

That was it… I mean, not like I didn’t ask the guys over there where’s the Ice Tea… I did… They told me there’s only powdered one…

I might went nuts about Ice Tea and all… But its not just Ice Tea, its their selection of goods collection… OK they might have a great selection in kitchen stuff, bathroom stuff, cooking stuff, baking stuff, honey, jamz and the list goes on…

But for the instantly eatables\drinkables (And by that I mean cookies, biscuts, chocolates, carbohydrated drinks and normal juices, breads’n’bakes, candies, gums and whatever similar), no noticable change since March I guess… Almost same drinks… Almost same chocos and candies… Almost same chips… EXACTLY THE SAME COOKIES FOR A YEAR OR TWO… Even the local “Lipton Ice Tea” wasn’t there for ages…

Well… Thats Why I hate Sultan Ceter… But the problem is, it really became a habit to go there and hunt for stomach satisfaction every now’n’then… If Carfour can open up till 3:00 I’d go there all the way from my place (Which is abit further than Sultan Center anyways)…

12 thoughts on “Why I hate Sultan Center

  1. LuLu FTW!

    i hardly ever go to sultan anymore, and if you hit lulu during a week day its empty.

    and dont they have lipton ice tea in bakalas?

  2. they do… but there’s no bakala that opens in 1:00~3:00… oh btw i use the 24hours time format…

    i used to buy this 2L of ice tea somewhere in some CO-OP… but i hate CO-OPs… >_<

  3. That is so weird. It’s getting so close to Ramadan, and usually the shelves really start to fill up when Ramadan is coming, and when school is about to start – wonder what is going on?

  4. I wrote a comment, and I don’t know where it went. I said it’s strange that the shelves would be so empty with Ramadan coming; normally the shelves are the BEST with Ramadan coming, and people returning to Kuwait for the start of school.

  5. Seriously get a life

    ur nagging like a little baby

    if you hate sultan center that much, dont go. eassy !

  6. Intlxpatr:
    sorry but my akismet plug-in hold the comments till i check on’em… y’know there’s some spy comments that i no likie likie… but yea its not that empty… yet not that interesting for me =P

    i’m a big baby (as i told one nurse while she’s giving me an injection) =P… i love whining and nagging… i hate sultan center… but there’s no better place to go unless you recommend a good place

    mo nag9een za7ma in salmiya y’know =.= … bas yea it’d be cool

  7. eh its not too bad .. they do have kobe beef burgers and beef jerky >.>
    and carrefour is closer to you looly .. avenues is closer to where you live, you just suck at getting there fast 😛

  8. what traffic?
    dude .. to avenues in shuwaikh .. or to salmiya in the weekend o.o
    i’d go with avenues, more parking and less choke points on the 5th >.>

    heck nobody parks in phase 2 these days .. park there and its closer to carrefour o.o;;

  9. no traffic because everyone is outta this country? ramadan is coming and it’ll be a great demonstration about how crowded things could be

  10. well… good news. there will be a new supermarket coming up next june of 09 at the sale old location of Salmiya Cinema near the NBK.

    that place will have a 24 hr supermarket there. hope this will give us more chance to shop elsewhere.


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