WPA got cracked in 15 minutes!?

I think throwing an ethernet cable or two to your backyard is safer (and costs less with better performance) than wireless thingy… But thats just me 😛

Y’see the WiFi wizard Erik Tews?

Last year, he was able to crack WEP in less than a minute (While I did that in 25 minutes with 64-bit encryption under Ubuntu… Must find a better way)… Recommending people to switch to WPA instead of WEP…

This year, he’s going to demonstrate how he cracked WPA network in 12~15 minutes in Tokyo after 6 days…

Maybe he’ll recommend people to switch to WPA2… Then crack WPA2 then recommend people to throw ethernet cables from their windows to their yards like I suggested 😛

Anyways, here’s the Engadget related post.

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