Would You Like to Convert Text Images into Editable Documents? For Free!


Yup. No joke and these online softwares have been around for quite sometime but I highly doubt it that nobody has even heard of them. This is how it works. You basically grab your camera (any camera including phones), snap a photo like a newspaper article (but make sure that you snapped it properly with no blurs) and upload it away to any of the following sites. Online OCR, ABBY FineReader Online, ABBY Free OCR and OCR Terminal.

So who can benefit from this? Everybody. University students can finally copy and edit their notes to the updated changes according to their professor lectures. Business people can easily change their own document for a new reprint if they forgot the original document back in their office. The possibility are only limited ones imagination as to how use this service. I haven’t tired it out myself. Give it a shot and post your results. 🙂

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