The more OpenSourcers whine the more I wanna use Microsoft just to piss’em off!

If you remember my previous post about the lame Windows7Sins, you’d probably understand how I feel about these whiners.

Europe antitrust thingy is annoying Microsoft because IE is bundled with Windows 7. So Microsoft wanted to play along with their rules and actually made Windows 7 E (No bundled browser), which got ditched ofcourse for another alternative; Windows 7 will ask you what browser to use bringing up Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

But that’s not enough to satisfy OpenSourcers and those who just hates Microsoft so bad because Microsoft’s IE was the first in the list (Isn’t it obvious because it’s the browser that Microsoft made?). So Microsoft decided to arrange the order of browsers alphabetically which is a very VERY reasonable suggestion considering “COMMON SENSE”.

So, the browsers is the following:
1- Apple Safari
2- Google Chrome
3- Microsoft Internet Explorer
4- Mozilla Firefox
5- Opera

But that doesn’t satisfy the Mozilla guy Jenny Boriss whining “Why Apple Safari is first? The arrange order should be based on market share!” which would bring us to where the order was before; Microsoft Internet Explorer being the first on list.

Yet no, Boriss suggested another option which is to arrange them “randomly”. Seriously, what if Microsoft Internet Explorer or Apple Safari popped up first? Would you still complain?


I mean seriously, Microsoft IS working this up and suggested several reasonable suggestions such as letting you choose (Instead of totally browserless) AND arranged by alphabetic order (Which puts their rival “Apple” at advantage which shows that they don’t really care whether their browser is the default\majority or not).

I always say this and I’ll say it again, don’t get me wrong. I respect\love OpenSource softwares as much as I respect proprietary ones.

I use Xubuntu and ALOT of OpenSource softwares in both Linux and Windows whenever I feel more productive\comfort using them which the same goes with proprietary ones.

But, this is just insane! Seriously, the more such crap occur the more I believe that OpenSourcers mentality is crap! But hey, atleast they stop because the first one was “Apple Safari” (Pointing at my Windows7Sins previous post.)

Right now, I’m gonna set my default browser to Internet Explorer and probably my email client to Microsoft Office.


6 thoughts on “The more OpenSourcers whine the more I wanna use Microsoft just to piss’em off!

  1. First of all, the last post was completely inappropriate. if you want to show adult content on your blog, you should clearly label it as so your blog as such.

    Secondly, I went against the EU thing the first time i heard about it (and i still am against it). even microsoft has the right to bundle whatever it wants with it’s products. after all, it’s THEIR PRODUCT!

  2. sig:
    atleast you have a brain

    Actually, I’ve been using IE8 for a while and I kinda like it…And Microsoft Office is really good… My only problem with IE8 is that I can’t port my accounts there from Firefox (Which it would build up little by little with time)…

  3. your being as big of a whiner as most “OpenSource guys”
    i personally enjoyed the anti-trust cases that big companies are getting hit by.. tells em to respect their boundries and not to think that the “Technology” sector is their monopoly.. so yeah, dude quitcherbitchin (only talking about the very top.. that mozilla chick was retarded)
    also, Apple is not microsofts rivals.. they are in 2 very different markets, microsofts only rival in this day and age is Linux/Mozilla/etc anything mac isn’t
    also, your retarded for using IE8.. why? kaifi >.>

  4. Did I mention Apple being Microsoft’s “rivals”?
    Apple products are extreme proprietary but they’re not targeted as much as Microsoft’s products…

    Which reminds me, Why Windows7Sins not WindowsVistaSins or WindowsXPSins?

    I don’t mind anti-trust cases and such hits… But they should do it in a “better sense”… The IE case is valid but Microsoft provided good solutions (Even though it’s their system and you have the free will to remove IE and replace it with another browser… Wouldn’t kill common users to read up a little more)…

    And yes, I feel comfy using IE8… Alongside with FF… It’s only a matter of time to totally quit FF

  5. yes you did mention they were rivals:

    (Which puts their rival “Apple” at advantage which shows that they don’t really care whether their browser is the default\majority or not).


    also, i just noticed that, if they didnt care.. they wouldnt have gone through all that bull with the EU commission just to try to get IE8 set as main browser before bending over and being like “okay, we’ll do it”.

    also, 5ala9, if i see you using anything other than IE8/MSOutlook on your device.. i will be punishing you.

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