Women pick men who looks like their father!!! And vise-versa!!!

When I read this I got creeped out about considering the fact that %99.2783649283746 guys in kuwait look so lame!!!


The University of Pécs in Hungary provides another evidence about something called “sexual imprinting”

Bottom line is, they studied around 50 families and found out that women would pick men who look like their father. Specially in facial similarities… And the same thing goes with men as well, they pick women who look like their mother…

This reminds me of an episode of “Freiser” where he dates a woman who totally looks like his mom =P… That was a funny episode…

But the weirder thing:
Did our fathers looked like today’s men and youth? Like… With all the sissies all around and crazily spiky haired guys with pink girlish tight so god damn tight t-shirts and blingy blingy jeans?
Did our mothers looked like today’s women and youth? Like… With all the tomboys we see and lesbos we heard about, wearing REALLY right stuff that these stuff would just shatter if they sneezed, with the alien-head veil thingy which is becoming something awful with the heavy HEAVY makeup that makes me think is it make up or white cement?

Maybe Hungary is right about their studies IN THEIR COUNTRY… But things would differ here in Kuwait =P

Read more details provided by BBC.

6 thoughts on “Women pick men who looks like their father!!! And vise-versa!!!

  1. heyyyy good post keep up the good work and yes this is definitely true with women don’t kknow about men because i’m a man myself… :p

  2. its fraiser ..
    and wait .. girls pick men who look like whos father? the man looks like his own father? or the girls father?(and vice versa)..

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