5 thoughts on “Windows Mobile 7

  1. a calculator!

    okay okay, here’s one:
    an application that uninstalls windows Mobile 7 and installs Maemo (you can put android as an option if you want) 🙂

  2. seems somebody got angry!! anyways, i can help a bit:

    To convert temperature
    to get Kelvin(K) from Celsius
    Celsius degree + 273.15
    To get Fahrenheit(F)
    (9/5 x Celsius degree) + 32
    to get Celsius(C)
    5/9 x (Fahrenheit -32)

    To convert moles to molecules
    mol x 6.22×10^23
    To convert molecules to moles
    molecules / 6.22×10^23


  3. I sure would love to try that on my mobile.
    I have htc touch pro 2 and when I bought it…it was windows 6.1 but I upgraded it to 6.5 myself because before I bought it they said that it’s upgradeable to 6.5 but I dont know if I can upgrade it for windows mobile 7 or not :S ?

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