E-mail Hacker Backs Away

Not to long ago. I received an e-mail from one of my best friend. I know my friend very well and he’s the not the techy type that checks or uses his e-mail address in popular networking sites. He only uses it for communicating with his family and friends. So this is the message that I have received from him.

WARNING: Do not copy/past or click on the link in this quoted e-mail message. I’ve put it there for your own info. If you wanted to know what it is you can use preview websites such as tinyurl.com to get a preview of what that website really is.

Here is the message.

” ****Received Message****
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 7:18:40 AM

how are you ?
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all the best for 2010


Tsk tsk. Seriously come on. I know good people who can do a lot better than this. I immediately knew that my good friend’s e-mail account has been hacked. So what I did is I typed a little word of caution message from another e-mail account of mine (which I use for junk mail to be delivered and for anonymous reasons) back to this individual. Here is my message.

Warning: This message contain profanity and foul language. Do not read if you couldn’t handle it.

*** Begin Message***
Hey. Read this message well you little sack of shit. I don’t know who the fuck you are or what it is your trying to pull as I have just received the message below from one of my friend’s hotmail account. If you think you’re so fuck’n smart think again buddy. Let me make this clear to you and by giving you a warning. You have 48 hours to return my friends e-mail account that you hacked and took away. If you don’t comply within the given time you’ll be facing my wrath and I’ll hack each and every single account that you have. Do I make myself clear dipshit!? Good. The clock is ticking and you have been warned.
***End Message***

Of course before I clicked “send” I called my friend to just check if he has access to his e-mail account. He told me he couldn’t access it. So I told him to wait for a bit and to try again later (that’s when I sent him e-mail message). In less than 15 minutes, guess what happened. My friend has access back to his hotmail account. However, all of e-mail messages that he has saved gotten deleted. All I can say is… LMAO!!! XD This hacker got OWNED!!

Remember this people. Change your e-mail password Once every 6 month and give it a 10 – 12 digits with letters and numbers. The more complex the harder it is for an attacker to get in. Unless that attacker really wants to hurt you. He or she will use other methods to get into your account.

But seriously would I really go and take the next step to hack a random person e-mail account just out good will? 😉

4 thoughts on “E-mail Hacker Backs Away

  1. funny.

    one guy i know got a funny phishing message a while back. the email was sent by “google admins” who wanted him to verify his account by sending them his PASSWORD! seriously wtf?!!

    anyway, i think the problem was with the user and not the service itself. granted microsoft’s products are as secure as a cookie jar, but i think it would still be pretty difficult to hijack an account.

    I think ether a normal http login or a trojan (the keyloger variety) is to blame.

    by the way, +1 for epic the response/threat.

  2. WOAH!!! that’s messed up dude. Especially since that note came from a Google admin. I do believe that you’re right on the keyloger. I know how it works but never really came across one in action.

    I was laughing when my friend told me “Oh my god. My e-mail account is working again! What did you do?”

    I was like “Nothing. Nothing at all.”

  3. LEL!!!

    “+1 for epic the response/threat.” +1

    The problem is if that user uses a public PCs, cause i found in one of KU library’s pcs a hidden keylogger that listed all the accounts and the passwords!! students IDs and passwords were there too, I deleted the app and the file. But the problem is that even if the user doesnt have the admin password, he can install whatever program in windows, even as a guest! installing it in a folder and hides it(in his home directory)!

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