Windows Live’s Single-use passwords!? Woah!!

OK before I start with the real post. I’d like to tell everyone that email stealing here in Kuwait is what makes someone a “Hakars yawalad” 😛

Now, my record of compromised emails recovery is 14/17. As in, I had 14 successful attempts to retrieve out of 17 requests.
How, by having emails sent back and forth to Microsoft. The process takes few days, but worked 14 out of 17 with me.

And knowing how careless most Windows users here in Kuwait that they go over IRC, click on whatever link with porno-related title and then end up in some fake Windows Live page or installing a trojan (As crap trojan as ProRat). Then they get their emails stolen, bitch about how unsecured their outdated computer that doesn’t have any security software (Antivirus neither Firewall) and switch to another OS.

So consider this situation:
You’re using your friend’s laptop\computer and you don’t really trust it (In my case, I only trust my laptop) and you have an urgent need to check your inbox but you’re worried that the computer is compromised.

Simply request a one-use password from Microsoft to be sent to you by SMS and you’re good to go.

Neat, isn’t it?


10 thoughts on “Windows Live’s Single-use passwords!? Woah!!

  1. great concept, but im not sure how this will be secure! How are they going to confirm that a person is the owner of this email? I dont think they’ll give temporary access to all people who request any email password! and if one is to write his password to confirm, that’d be useless!

    Hey kinns, mind explaining more?

  2. Simply request a one-use password from Microsoft to be sent to you by SMS and you’re good to go.

    Microsoft will send a one-use-only SMS to YOUR mobile.

    1. But i have to have my phone number in my account settings, right? cause this is the only way it’d work! If not, specifying a phone no when requesting, one would be able to get access to any email account!

      1. Numbers only; no spaces. Phone number must be same as the one you registered with Windows Live.

        Which means you must write the phone number (As a confirmation) that you used while creating the account.

        I mean, God damn it! Stop skipping and actually spend some time READING WHATEVER IS WRITTEN!!

        1. I read your post at least 3 times! you didnt write that piece of info!! Not my prob, you should provide the essential info! Anyways, glad got an answer!

  3. When google implements this, hopefully, im pretty sure it’ll work in kuwait! They already are sending sms’s for verification(codes), so this wont differ that much!

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