Disturbed by iPhone 4’s signal drops? Don’t want to pay $30 for a case? Dig this out!

I’m sure everyone remembers the “Live Strong” silicon band trend that hit Kuwait few years ago and you wouldn’t be considered a cool kid unless you own one (And some of them even cost ALOT just because they are different by color… Racists :P). I’m glad that this trend is dead. And I hope no one to give it another life. Yes, had a good cause and reason, but been abused.

Anyway, here’s a way that would solve the signal drop in iPhone 4: COVER THE DAMN ANTENNAS WITH THAT SILICON BAND!!!

And yes, it would actually look cool!

I hope Steve jobs not to read this so he won’t make some for $238462938746 and say “Hey, help supporting the cancer cause while you fix your issue!” then give $2 off that huge amount of money to whoever supports that.

That, or Al-Ghanim Ex-cite so they won’t sell those $1 silicon bands for 10KD.


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