Which linux distro should I install?

OK… My (X)Ubuntu adventure on a flash disk is reaching its end. It’s becoming slow and Really annoying (though the adventure was FUN =D)…

So I’m planning on installing Linux on my laptop and start to use Linux more than windows… But I’m kinda lost on which distro should I choose.

I’ve been using Ubuntu for a while (and actually got the original CDs from Shipit), but ubuntu doesn’t give you the linux feeling like Slackware, OpenSUSE or Fedora… So I’m kinda lost… I made up a list and hope whoever read this post could help me out choosing:

*   Ubuntu or Kubuntu
*   Slackware
*   OpenSUSE
*   Fedora
*   Mandriva

And whoever suggest something, please include your reason of choice…

6 thoughts on “Which linux distro should I install?

  1. ubuntu gives you as much a linux feeling as any distro these days, since the GUI clients have all started to actually follow the GUI guidelines and the OS feels easier to use.
    if you want hard, just remove X 😛
    or try to find an older version of any distro since they were all difficult to use back in the day
    (GUI, Installation, Drivers etc.. freshmeat was your best friend back in the day ><)

  2. you bagar… i actually installed OpenSUSE .. gave me the ol’ linux feeling… need a while to configure things out…

    i might switch back to Ubuntu anyways since openSUSE doesn’t recognize my 3G card =P

  3. look for drivers on the net before you do?
    i think freshmeat is the place to look for *nix h/w drivers o.O

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