“You sbeek engilazy? you want laugh? you bush HERE you laugh laugh”

Well… I made a gallery about those who’ve been taught English since first grade and they still cant talk in english AT ALL!!!! CLICK here and hope you enjoy it.

In case you you got pictures you want to add Please send me a message and I’ll be honored to post’em in my gallery.

4 thoughts on “ENGILAZY PICTURES

  1. English version:
    “I made this website to make fun of (Kuwaities) who (tries) to use english. Enjoy the fun and laugh everyone”

    It’s (try) not (tries)

    It’s a cool idea 😉

  2. thanks for correcting me dude … atleast its not as big as “Dont look me” or “Taxi Rayh Gay”… y’know what i mean

    i fixed it now… happy Aurous? 😛

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