WHERE the HELL is the Sick-RAAB?!

I’ve been looking for two days straight for a new grill (with logo) for my car and I couldn’t find any. The genuine parts (Wakh-lah) are ridiculously expensive and the Taiwanese/Chinese copy of the grill (Tij-ari) are retarded because they don’t come with the car logo and the genuine logo itself will not fit the copied version of the grill. So I’ve asked people around me in Shawaikh and they told me to head to an area called the “Sick-Rab”. I’ve heard of that place before but I never have been there. I was given direction to head straight on 5th ring road and to reach an area called “Amghara”. Sounds easy but while I was driving for 2 hours it started to get dark and I ended up getting lost. In the end this is where I ended up.


The cows were quite tamed and asleep. I wanted to tip one over but I know myself I’ll be laughing my head off if I did and probably wake up the guards. XD

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