I was heading to Shawaikh to check on my car when all of the sudden there was a HUGE flame coming out of a tire changing store. I was just shocked on the spot it happened. Police, fire fighters and medics rushed to the scene to see if there were any casualties. Thank god that there were none. The only info I received as to the cause of the fire from the locals was that a car was coming into the store to have it’s tire changed. However something went wrong with the car which somehow created a spark of some sort in igniting a blazing fire.




6 thoughts on “FIRE in SHAWAIKH

  1. what is it with fires these days!! also alsouq alkabeer was caught on fire last sunday and we had to leave the building “where i work”!! it was ugly!!!!

  2. You and probably the rest of my friends have been saying the same thing. I believe the main cause of fires these days are people not taking their surrounding environment safely. Shawailkh for example is an industrious chemical area and hardly anyone pays any attention to safety. For example, your car mechanic opens a can that reads “Highly Flammable” disposes the contents in the car and throws the can on the streets. Out of the blue you have a douchbag throwing his cigarette on the ground, hits the can and magically ignites starting a wild fire to go crazy.

  3. @Meenakon, What’s with the exclamation mark”?” ?
    I hope it is not spam but Arabic letters that the computer some does not put it out correctly.

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