What you didn’t know about Google!

So I found an image that has very interesting information concerning the evil company, Google! Some interesting ones like:

Google is backed up by 12V batteries!

Well that only one thing that shocked me! You know, I don’t want to make you wait anymore, so here … but don’t forget to leave the fact that shocked you the most as a comment below 😉

8 thoughts on “What you didn’t know about Google!

  1. All the youtube facts and the fact that google has a T-Rex.

    I can’t understand how the first Google storage system was housed in Lego…
    Anyway pretty cool find Anxious Nut, thanks

    1. You know, the lego bit confused me as well, but since they said “storage”, i think they built a housing for their HDDs out of LEGO!

      *for making me an author 2 years ago that is 🙂

  2. Google is no evil!
    Apple is!
    I liked their first tweet “I’m feeling lucky” in binary.
    God bless Google!

    1. Google is not awesome, nor is it evil. It’s just a normal company that has money as it’s primary objective.

      Yahoo, on the other hand, IS awesome. fact.

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