Sandboxie, a tool for cyber-noobs!

Doing what i do, which people sometimes hate, giving an introduction at first!

Sandboxie is a Windows application which focuses on Windows secure, trying to lessen the probability of it getting infected! What it actually does is creating a dynamic closed environment, or simply, a dynamic sand box! I’m sure some of you got the idea already, so i won’t continue!! Just kidding, well, it’s that whatever is in can’t touch whatever is outside! … So, malware, malicious code, or ba6ee5 won’t be able to harm your, or the noob’s, data/filesystem!

Geez, am I that bad at demonstrating the functionality?! Okay here’s a gif you should understand after some loopz <— a typo, and im not gonna change it!

Heh, i know, you watched the gif before you finished the text above!! *sighs*

Although the name, Sandboxie, makes it seem as if it’s for IE only (if you look at it as SandBoxIE), it’s not! … well maybe, sealing IE was the programmer’s primary objective! Who knows!

This next paragraph isn’t necessary to be added, but I just remembered how much our forgotten friend EggMaster(eggZ) complains about my long posts!

Anyways, you might be wondering if …uh, O yeah, wondering if there is a way to get the files that are in the sandbox, yes, there is a way! Sandboxie actually is a managing app as well, something like below, so don’t worry!

Okay, since i said all what i had, now i can relate it with the title! Every one of us has at least one family member that isn’t that good with the whole idea of computers+internet+viruses! So as we all know, him/her surfing the internet, viewing whatever they get from whoever, would cause the PC harm! So yes, installing this and using it for browsing would leave they user in the green zone even when chrome’s red warning page gets ignored by the user…

I honestly expect a “have you tried it?” comment, Yes I did, It’s free, what did you expect! Also it’s very fun to run through malicious sites that runs malicious commands! Also, lol, when a virus gets downloaded and tries to run itself within the sandbox!

Asking for a vid too?!! OH COME ON!! …

Interested? Wanna give it a shot? here!
Site: link
Download page: link
Tutorials(videos): link

PS: I think there is a bug, … I just can’t stop typing once i start!
/me lols because you actually thought that the bug concerns the app XD

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