Webcam Spying software while repairing a laptop?

This came from a Slashdot RSS feed… It goes something like this:

A lady took her laptop someplace to get it fixed. Then she noticed its going abit of slow so she took it to another place.

The 2nd place’s guy informed the lady that what causes the slowness was a software installed in the computer that takes pictures of her and upload’em to some website…

As Slashdot wrote, the webcam spy guy victimised around 10 ladies, and got atleast one of’em naked in a picture…

Becareful people in Kuwait… Double-check where you take your laptop to get it fixed… Let it be a stupid dumb tech who only knows how to format and install drivers (I just described %99.27836452873 of Hawalli’s techies), take it to a good shop that you really trust or just take it to its reseller…

Here’s the Slashdot link

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