I promised someone I’d write a follow up of my story (I’m writing this with an eye shut… Yes, that sleepy)

Anyway, I’ll make it short:
Just a day before deciding to go to VIVA and cancel my subscription because I haven’t received a call and my issue haven’t been solved, a friend of mine sent me this link that explains my situation and that whatever the writer been through is almost exactly identical to what I’ve been through. Except for the fact that he came up with a conclusion ahead of me.

Before I jump to that, I’d like to clarify what I got before even going to VIVA last time and get more false and fake promises:
I know a guy who works for VIVA and another who works in VIVA. Difference?

Well, the guy who works for VIVA is a coder who works in a company that outsources solutions for VIVA. I asked him if he knew anything, he told me he wrote the code and tool to cap the bandwidth to 2GB per day and he handed the tool to VIVA few months ago and apparently they’ve just started using it.

The guy who works in VIVA have told me that, yes, 2GB ought to be enough for everyone with normal browsing. Maybe, but what if I wanted to download an urgent file that is bigger than 2GB?

I didn’t mention what the guys told me because these aren’t official statements and you know how Kuwaitis goes and spread unconfirmed unofficial rumors and convert’em to facts. I don’t want that to happen until I’m sure. Well, now I am…

I can’t play legal here because it’s mentioned in the contract that they have the right to change things without referring back to the customer. And because the majority of people have noticed (And to jump the FAP [or FUP] bandwagon), they listed the 2GB thing in their website here.

So, there you have it. VIVA have screwed me over, lied to me (Many times), weren’t honest (Even though I was willing to comply to their new changes if they TOLD ME) and pretty much did the same to many others…

Now, I’ll be finding alternative solutions… Gotta check up with WATANIYA (Since I’ve been their customer since 1999 and THEY NEVER GAVE ME A FAKE AND BROKEN PROMISE).

11 thoughts on “VIVA, Y U NO TELL ME BEFORE!?

  1. E7med rabbik they limit the speed for the rest of the day.
    Zain limits you til the end of the month.
    same goes with wataniya “i think”
    Viva all the subscriptionS actually CHARGES YOU 15fils/MB once u get off the limit. 2GB a day is not that bad.

    1. 2Gb a day is bad when i watch like 3-4 videos on youtube with Full Hd(1080p) i can hit 2Gb in 30 Mins

  2. They should have atleast made it like Us, where we can download like 150Gb to 250Gb permonth untill all the bandwidth cap starts.

    I had baught ADOBE cs5.5 Online and now its been 3 days i have been downloading it and yet not finished, VIVA you screwed me over BIG time

  3. so with that, mobile currier internet is permanently scratched off of my list of things I want to get in the future. let’s see if land-line isps decide to play the same dirty game (Gulfnet already made that mistake).

    good thing free, public wifis are becoming more and more common. now I just have to find out a way to circumvent their anti-torrent measures.

    1. FASTtelco won’t apply FAP\FUP rules. I know because I confirmed thrice with at least a month distance between each confirmation.

      Not sure about the rest though…

  4. Any idea guys if viva have removed the FUP, As i mentioned earlier, i will be going to the viva legal department, I was about to go today but I did not go because my internet onnection is now back to normal (atleast the way it should be). Now I am downloading at 1.0Mbps+ and I have downloaded like 25+ Gb today and my speed is not slowing down

  5. OK here is a fact .. i got 21.6 mb and a 55 monthly plan

    the 21.6 MB got a 2 gigabyte limit per day .. but when i use the 55kd plan on my iphone to download there is no limit ? ( i downloaded more than 13 gigs)

  6. I cant even update my Graphics card drivers the drivers are 100Mb+ and its taking me like 1.5 hour’s that’s Shit man

  7. like I said before, stop dealing with any company that caps its users. make an example out of them. as for myself, my isp joined sony in the group of companies never to deal with.

    as for you guys trapped with a contract, I would recommend suing if the legal system here does what it’s supposed to do; protect your rights. many eulas and toses have been thrown out of court because the were too ridiculous. I don’t think it’s hard to prove and convince a judge that these companies are in violation of not honoring the data rates to which both parties agreed upon. you advertised 21Mbps in nice, bold letters, you better deliver. That, coupled with the fact that capping was never mentioned in ether the contract or by the sales person should help the judge see things your way.

  8. @sigtermer

    yeah some of my friends said that to them and all they got is “we will cancel your contract without a fee”
    but i want my unlimited data that i signed for!
    stupid viva

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