First National Robots Competition

I know I’m late, but late is better than never.

Anyway, the picture above describes the event. But since it’s in Arabic, I’m going to explain it in English (Or shorten it):
Kuwait University will be running the First National Robots Competition (For educational institutes) tomorrow (May 9th) from 9:00 to 14:00 on Sabah Al-Salem Theater in Khaldiya.

I wonder why they’re not generalizing it for hobbyists who aren’t students… Anyway, should be fun!! Too bad can’t attend it (Pretty much just like friday’s robots exhibition).

Thanks SIGTERMer for sharing this.

10 thoughts on “First National Robots Competition

  1. I’d be interested in that robot thing. we have built a battlebot for a class project once,
    Class: Heavy Weight
    Weapon: 4 cutting rotating saws
    Armor: Steel
    Unique feature: would work even if it was flipped over (symmetrical)
    Disadvantage: Looks damn ugly !

    the ad itself suck and looks like poorman wedding banner, to be politically correct.

    P.S: Finally, an awesome local blog with a cool name ! you are bookmarked

    1. Would be great if you guys can get a video f some sort of your mechanical beast… Who knows, might encourage others to beat yours xD

  2. I went today. It was fun. I didn’t take any picture because:
    a) Crappy phone camera
    b) Forgot my camera
    c) It was held in a huge theater, and the robot ring was screened using a projector and a huge slide. So even if I had a camera, I would get any clear shots.
    The competition was basically, robots are programmed and have “touch” and light sensors, so competitors don’t control them. They are supposed to finish a track individually as quick as possible.
    This track is enclosed by thick black lining, this way when a robot nears the line its light sensor would pick up that as a dead end and change its path. Also, the track contain some fixed and moveable obstacles that the robot’s supposed to avoid. It’s “touch” sensors were supposed to feel them and make the robot change its path once these obstacles are encountered.
    In the end, GUST won with first and second place. (I think AUK came in third place.) KU came in fifth place. The robot of one of KU’s 2 teams accidentally got one of the moveable obstacles stuck under it’s wheels and couldn’t continue the track. While the other team, their robot’s light sensor failed from the start. (quite unfair really.)
    Sorry couldn’t cover the event better :/

  3. I also went, but when I arrived, the whole thing was already over (the guys were handing out awards) 🙁

    oh and GUST won too :'(

    I’m getting emotional…

  4. Robots to have sensors to avoid stationed and moving obstacles?

    I so want to see the next tournament! (Work sometimes can suck >_>)

  5. according to sh3_G33k description it sounds like one lame competition for university level if you ask me .. that would be acceptable for a highs school project.

    1. Our bot had to go through destruction test, it was taken apart and used for another bot project at CSU. (RIP) too bad I cant find any pics of it, I only found the finite analysis done in Solidworks.

  6. Dear All,
    I’m in a short visit to Kuwait. Any one knows were can i find one of those small programmable micro controllers? like Arduino for example? I could not find Radio Shack here in Kuwait, any where else?
    Thank you very much

    1. Your best bet is to actually order’em online. Can’t find micro controllers here in Kuwait because no one is interested (At least not much).

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