Visual Basic is being taught in secondary schools

When I herd about this, I was really shocked, I mean here! In Kuwait! In fact I wasn’t only shocked but also happy, I mean finally, the Ministry of Education started to think well, and this is considered a big improvement. They started with grade 12, they are giving them the basics of VB, and also teaching them how to make some simple programs (such as: stop watches, quizzes, Zakat calculating programs). But just as I thought, there are some problems, which are:

-Some IT teachers doesn’t know how to demonstrate such a programming language! (I said some, because there are some schools that brought programmers to teach this subject! Just like 3abd al-m7sin Na9er Al-sa3eed school, the one that is in 7i6een).
-Some students are complaining, they say Visual Basic is hard (though I found the book easy, that a ten years old kid could get an “A” in it without a sweat).
-There are some mistakes in the book (for example: about pictures [size mode], some of the definitions of the options [Normal-StretchImage-AutoSize-Center-Zoom] are incorrectly written in the book).
-Some teachers doesn’t know how to pronounce the word correctly, which means they will learn the wrong pronunciation.

In spite of all these problems, I say it’s a good start.

10 thoughts on “Visual Basic is being taught in secondary schools

  1. pathetic… teaching a languge that requers property software (.net) is stuped… although mono (opensource .net) semes promising.

    but still, if you want to teach a good programming language that has proved its self: TEACH C!!!

    sometimes living in Kuwait is frustrating…

  2. Ya I know, but hey we’re in Kuwait,Dah? We should thank God for this gift, I mean it’s getting better, you just wait and you will see.

    BTW I wish they change that course to C or C++, man it would be much better!

  3. Linux! come on, you are asking too much! don’t you know their motto? “step by step, that’s how we accomplish things”

  4. My friend’s brother actually shocked me with it… I even told him to teach me that when he’s through…

    Though C\C++ could be really hard for high school students since most of’em don’t think like a computer… Python would be so good (no pointers stuff)

    But Linux thingy is abit tricky… Y’know when you want to get someone to love something, you gotta draw him little by little…

    I can’t say .Net isn’t good because its not an open source thingy, but its heavily required in market so it’s a must learn… But then again Linux R0X and C\C++ kicks butts (Assembly is god mode)

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