Virus on Android!?

Does that mean the target have shifted from PCs to mobiles!?

Long story short, the Chinese version of “Monkey Jump 2″, ‘President vs. Aliens”, ‘City Defense” and “Baseball Superstars 2010” is infected with some soft of trojan\virus\whatever where the same contents in other marketplace is clean.

No intention have been recognized, but can be from an anticipated spam attack to creating an Android botnet.

Man, I just hope Android doesn’t turn to Windows XP xD


6 thoughts on “Virus on Android!?

  1. … it’s called stupid careless users giving permission to install 3rd party apps without knowing what the heck they’re doing! … This can happen on any device running any OS! <_<

  2. No offense to Android users but, Android isn’t that good. Its better than iOS/W7 but, its in the mediocre category. Its not fully opened, heck its not even a real Linux.

    1. Well, it’s Linux(Kernel), but not GNU/Linux(OS)! It’s compatible with POSIX, but doesn’t use any POSIX/GNU tools by default!

      Although I own one, I am not satisfied! I want a “real Linux”!! 🙁

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