Vacation: Stockholm

Well, our first destination was Stockholm because, well, Stockholm.

What we did is visit some museums such as the Royal Coin Cabinet and Nationalmuseum.

Other than that, we’ve been wondering around like idiots, hitting up restaurants and buying stuff of course. I’ll have a post of “What I bought” soon once I return back home 😀

To be more clear, Stockholm technically set us overweight from THE AMOUNT OF BOOKS WE BOUGHT!! And interesting things.

One thing we did (Which many wouldn’t approve, but I’m out there to have fun) was hitting up bars.

In my defense, I was just chugging up caffeinated sugar syrup (In other words, coffee with 15~30 sugar cubes).

There’s this awesome Irish Pub called “Southside”. Close to where we stayed. There, a legend was born.

I’ve been called the following:
* Dude!
* Coffee man
* Sugar man\dude
* The legend.

Well, it all goes back to first day being in Stockholm where I walked in, ordered my coffee, and the manager (Bartender at that time) “Brian” gave me a bowl of sugar.

Well, I’ll write down the conversations that occurred that made me Kuwaitify that pub:

Raising the bar

Brian: I tell people that if you put a spoon and it stands, that’s too much sugar. You just fucking raised the bar! How the fuck did you do that?

The legend begins

Friend: Hey Brian, he did 18 blocks of sugar today! The spoon stood still!
*Showing Brian this picture*

Brian: The fuck is wrong with you, dude!?
*Me shrugging*
Brian telling the guy next to him: This is the guy I’ve been telling you about! He took the sugar bowl and dumped it straight in his coffee! AND HE FUCKING CHUGGED IT!The guy: Are you the one who did that?
Me: Yep! I just had deep fried Mars bar with vanilla ice cream too.
The guy: You’re already a local legend! But damn, how do you live!?
Me: Magic!

بط فييك!!

This happened after an (In your face moment).
Me: We have this saying whenever an (In your face) moment happens
Michael: Oh yeah? What is it?
Me: Bu6 feek! Means either duck in you or pops in you… First is funnier, second is more accurate
Michael: Yo!
My friend: Yes?
Michael: Bu6 feeeek!!

Watching Porn

Pez: Y’know, if you turn on the TV midnight, you’d probably see porn movies in there!
Me: I wouldn’t want to try to be honest. Me and my friend share the same room. And you know, it’ll be awkward for both of us watching porn.
Pez: Not at all! Yo Brian!
Brian: What?
Pez: If we got in a room, turned on the TV and told you I want to watch porn. What would you do?
Brian: I’d put a curtain between us, close my eyes so tight, stuff my fingers in my ears, curl up, and scream until you finish wanking!

This is my favorite pub

My friend: This is my favorite pub!
Pez: That means you haven’t been to many!
*oh snap moment*
My friend: I have. But Irish people are fun to be with!
Pez: They’re not when you live with one.
My friend: I live with an Arab *Pointing at me*
Me: HEY! In my defense, I’m living with an Arab too!
Brain: Oooooh!! Bu6 feeeeek!!

Want more coffee

Me: Hey Michael, can I have some coffee please?
Michael: You want more coffee? Sure, let me just see if we have any sugar left for you!

Anyway, if you think I didn’t take pictures, you’re wrong. I did.
Not as good as I hoped, but fun nevertheless (Trying new stuff with my new Sony a77)

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Stay tuned for Norway’s post!

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