11 thoughts on “Um Al-Aish removal :(

  1. It is a piece of obsolete non working scrap of metal, and it’s no more than 30 years old. What is so historical about it?

  2. Um Al-Aish is a piece of kuwaity heritage that serves as a reminder when let our guard down. even though i haven been to the site, i would love to. shame they’re removing it 🙁

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  4. Then why not leave every building that was damaged by the invasion as it is? Why not leave the Kuwaiti Towers with artillery holes as they were? that would have been a pretty sight and a good reminder!

    I don’t see the point of this.

  5. Yea… Why not?

    And the point is between “,” and “/” in your keyboard… Really close to your right “Shift” button… 😛

  6. Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. -“G. Satayama”

    By some of the logic in this post, then what’s the point of History or culture? Why does the Eiffel Tower still stand and not sold for scrap? Why don’t they destroy the Pyramids? Why don’t they demolish the Parthenon in Greece? Why aren’t the caves in Petra recycled into a holiday resort?

    If old metal scrap is really worthless to you, then what would you say to this link:


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