Exoskeletons for rent!?

Now I can see ALOT of animes coming to real life (Ghost In The Shell, Appleseed)…

Simply put, this Japanese company is going to rent exoskeletons to those who can’t move their body.

These exoskeletons can perform day-to-day tasks by utilizing human’s brainwaves. It comes in three sizes and cost from $1,570 to $2,300 a month. As shown in the video below:

But that doesn’t beat DARPA’s exoskeleton:

Now you better watch out! Grannies will be able to brute force you soon using a punch that’s 10 times more powerful than yours 😛

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3 thoughts on “Exoskeletons for rent!?

  1. You better becareful not to be mean to your granma… She’ll rent that just to beat the crap out of you!!

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