Ubuntu saves a life

on a regular friday, my aunt looked at me, the kind of look that says i have a computer problem and i need it fixed, i sighed in a hidden way and waited for the words to come out of her mouth, the problem was that the damn thing wont boot-up.

Frankly am pretty new to the whole linux scene and i just started using ubuntu in less then two months an i have to say its a great succes.

anyways i asked if she still had that windows xp disk, looked through the bag to find it there begging for me to take it out, i punch it in and restart, hit the boot menu… its doesn’t boot up >.> wtf ??

after few trys i give up, that was just when ubuntu crossed across my mind in a large friendly font,

i took out the live-cd slammed it in and -walah- it boots up fine, what happened afterwards is a long other very different and pointless* (hear me saying pointless while your reading this!) story.

ubuntu have really saved my self from the blasphemer look and my aunt’s so called “important files”

thank you for wasting your time with me ^_^

P.S: don’t worry guys i will hopefully not turn this to my own pointless story archieve, again i say hopefully.

7 thoughts on “Ubuntu saves a life

  1. lol…but I think this was an empty post…I mean it contained very little information…but good to know that u saved ur ant by ubuntu…actually I kinda experienced the same thing and the sulotion were ubuntu.

  2. hmmm … that makes another reason to keep an ubuntu live CD with me wherever I go!

    btw ubuntu have also saved humanity; when ubuntu 4.04 got released (first ubuntu). People back then started having happiness.

    Bottom line: having ubuntu is healthy 🙂

  3. so u really r a ubuntu fan!!
    I knew it….people r starting to change from windows to ubuntu…although I don’t use ubuntu that much..it’s still a good news.

  4. Bootup issues? There’s countless ways to fix it without referring to Ubuntu’s Live CD (At the very least, Hiren)

    But then again, Ubuntu’s live CD is an extreme quick solution… Good thing files weren’t locked up due to unsafe shutdown 😛 … NTFS can be a bitch sometimes

  5. tell me about it, i’ve had that issue with a big folder containing more than 5 gigs of stuff -_- and when i finally got it out to my WD that damn thing failed me -_-
    sad my story is.

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