Time to make my dream a reality: Working on my Flight Simulation game

When I was 16, I used to dream about making a flight simulation game that’s not too realistic that it’ll distract you from having fun and you can customize your airplane and weapons on the go. Pretty much what you’d get if Ace Combat and Counter Strike had a baby. This will be that baby. But with Oculus Rift and, best part, for free!

I’ve already tried to make a flight simulation game which wasn’t a very bad experience. So I’m getting the hang of it and, if circumstances and time allowed, I’d finish a playable demo in a matter of a couple of months.

I can’t do this alone, obviously. I’d need all the help I could find.

From 3D artists to musicians to concept artists to maybe social media experts (To help promoting the game).

Drop me a line if you’d like to help to discuss it even further.

2 thoughts on “Time to make my dream a reality: Working on my Flight Simulation game

  1. Hey I’ve been trying to make my own games over the last year or so, but haven’t had the time due to university. I’m studying computer engineering and have a big understanding of object oriented programming. I know it’s not what you asked for exactly, but i’d actually like to have an opportunity in helping you out in anyway possible.

    I’m not a great designer in terms of art(more into web development) but I could give it a shot, if you shoot me some ideas.

    I feel like the Kuwait game dev scene is really dead considering you posted this a month ago and there’s no comments, and would love to help you out, i’ll be in Kuwait for another two weeks before heading out back to States, hope I get to hear back from you sometime

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