This is why I like .NET…

.NET is not just about Microsoft anymore… Mono is there to fill the .NET gap in Linux, and now, on iPhone’n’iPod Touch…

MonoTouch, Novel’s new commercial SDK for iPhone and iPod touch.

I’d like to quote something as an apology to my bro-in-law:

“What’s important here is that C# and .Net are considerably more productive development environments than the native iPhone language, which is Objective-C,” said Miguel de Icaza, vice president of the developer platform at Novell and the leader of the Mono project. With MonoTouch, the Mono runtime provides such developer services as garbage collection, thread management, type safety, and Web services, de Icaza said

Now, instead of learning C\C++, learning each system’s APIs and stuff and get lost between Windows, Mac OS SUCKS and Linux, I think I’ll start learning C# (Which I’m already doing) and get things done in all (Well, not Mac OS SUCKS yet, but it’s coming that way soon hopefully)


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