Giant screen fail!!

As if this wasn’t enough 😛

Seems like Dallas Cowboys Stadium needs to hire better staff that knows HOW TO SHUT DOWN WINDOWS PROPERLY!!!

That, and buy the staff a good screen so they won’t play GOW2 on the big fucking screen (Which was awesome btw!)…

I so want to see something similar to happen here in Kuwait in the big fucking stadium that’s taking long fucking years to finish (I think it’s done, but they’re too lazy to cut the opening string 😛 )

Don’t you even dare and bash Windows\Microsoft for this fail, it’s a (stupidity + idiocity + user fail) issue, if they hired better staff (Who wouldn’t poke around with stuff or improperly shut down computers like “Hey, what does this button do? Oh damn it! It just turned off the main PC’s power… RUN AWAAAAY”) nothing like this would’ve happened >.>


2 thoughts on “Giant screen fail!!

  1. as much as i like bashing microsoft (not because of hate but just for the heck of it), i’m getting the feeling that this one is a fake. that display doesn’t work in the same way like all your other garden verity monitors, it would need special programs to drive it.

    if it’s true, though, then it would be the programmers fault not microsofts’.. unless microsoft was the programmer! MICROSOFT FAIL!!!

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