I have recently stumbled on the most craziest website delivery service EVER!! This service is so bad, it’s stinky and unbelievably gross. provides you with the service to allows you to send POOP! Literally and this is not a joke. These guys will go out, fetch some animal’s dung of your choice and will have it delivered to your friend, family, the person you love or hate the most. What’s even more crazy about this service is that the delivery is done anonymous. So nobody and I mean no one will ever know where the pill of turd came from. LMFAO!!!

Could somebody please try to make an order and have it delivered to Aramex! I am really curious to know if it the package will ever reach here to Kuwait. XD

I can imagine the Aramex employees going “OH MY GOD!!!! What is that!? Is that SHIT?!! EEEEEWWwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!”


Link: Poopsender

2 thoughts on “The ULTIMATE PRANK!

  1. HAHAHA!!!! I told you it was real! I sent this couple of my friends and they were like “This is not real.”

    And then when they noticed the legal notice and the payment method’s existences they were like “Holy Crap!! It is real!!”

    Me: “No shit! You think?! Of course it’s real!!” XD LMAO!!!

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