Fun with 90969 sms search service

So I was sitting on the couch when I received an sms. I opened it and it turned out to be one of the spams(that’s what i call them)

I was about to delete it, but i thought of some questions, … i couldn’t help it! So I sent them this:

What is ubuntu? how can i hack an email account? Is it possible to get Windows 7 for free, legally?

I asked these questions intentionally, since i knew the answers! I just checked the time when i sent this message, it was at 2pm sharp. I waited until i lost hope!! After 26 minutes i got a message!

Ubuntu, is a computer operating system based on the Debian Linux distribution. You can not hack an email. no. Thank you for using “sms search service”

I laughed so hard, the punctuation of the ubuntu sentence seemed so suspicious, no one would write it like this unless if he knows what Debian is and the “,” after ubuntu is so unusual! So I googled the whole sentence as received, guess what … Wikipedia:

Ubuntu (pronounced /??b?ntu/),[5][6] is a computer operating system based on the Debian GNU/Linux distribution.

so what they did  was like:

Ubuntu (pronounced /??b?ntu/),[5][6] is a computer operating system based on the Debian GNU/Linux distribution.

That’s how they got the comma and the capital ‘D’ for Debian. Anyways, they answered this one correct.

“You can not hack an email” lol, no comment!!

The last “No” was for the question “Is it possible to get Windows 7 for free, legally?” … I wish i could talk to the guy to tell him that i have a legal windows 7 for free!!! Got it from KUNIV: Computer Engineering Society.

So is it time to judge their service?

hmmm … it took them 26 minutes although they said 5 … and they got 1 out of 3 …

It was worth the 100 fils 🙂

4 thoughts on “Fun with 90969 sms search service

  1. Haha, cool. And good questions. We can conclude that the one who answered is definitely not a geek. Or even close, for that matter.

  2. AFAIK, you can use a comma fine after the word ubuntu.. and debian has always had a capitalised D o.o

  3. AFAIK, you can use a comma after ubuntu in that sentence.. and the D in Debian has always been capital.. its just the hate of the linux user for caps that spurs the constant ignoring of correct capitalisation.

    about the win 7 .. try searching “can i get windows 7 (home/pro/ultimate) OEM legally in kuwait?” if you didnt get OEM, remove it … see what that brings up..

  4. By suspicious i meant that not anyone would write it like this, people usually dont put the comma there, that’s what i realized!! About the ‘D’, i don’t remember one time i wrote i capitalized other than in this post; in order write it capitalized, he must know what it is, otherwise he wouldn’t, not knowing if it’s a word or a name. That’s what made me search for it. And man look at that, it was copied from wikipedia!

    about the win 7 … i got “get 55% off” and some questions! What did you have in mind? drop the link if there is something specific!! Nothing about getting it for free!

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