ThE SLAP chop!

I’m sure a good number of interweb surfers have already heard or seen the video commercial for the SLAP CHOP product featuring Vince Shlomi A.K.A Vince Offer or the ShamWow! Guy. His commercial for the SLAP CHOP product became a huge hit and generated a lot of sales. Come on, let’s face it. If you’re working as a TV producer and you have Vince working with you, you know for sure fact that he can cross sell and turn any junk product into gold.

After the release of the SLAP CHOP commercial, a crazy DJ whose name DJ Steve Porter, has taken the original SLAP CHOP video and made some major editing to the film. When Porter published his work on youtube, not only did it generated a lot of lolz but a hell lot of viewership reaching over 5 million views. That’s more than the original video commercial has made! His work was so good that major TV companies used and aired Porter’s remixed version of the SLAP CHOP and calling it the “RAP CHOP”. Can you say “KA-CHING!!”. $_$

Below are the two videos. The original and the remixed version. You decide which is best! 😀



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