600,000 XBOX 360 consoles are to be BANNED from XBOX LIVE!

I know what your thinking “HOLY CRAP! 600,000?!” That’s right. Microsoft has just taken a huge step to eliminating piracy by banning users who are using modded Xbox 360 consoles from XBOX Live networks. Because online gaming is becoming more popular, it is only fair to make the playing fields fair for everyone.

But not to worry. If your Xbox Live account is banned you still get to have your console and the only way for you to play online is to buy another Xbox 360. Hmmm to modd or not to modd? That is the question. WTF?! I completely understand piracy issue but more importantly I think that modding in just about any hardware is an individual’s right. This is going to raise an interesting debate cause if you think about it Xbox Live is merely an extend service that Microsoft provides and they can do anything they please with it. But you can’t use their service if you don’t have an Xbox 360 (the console you’ve bought that is rightfully yours for you to do anything with it). What do you think?

Source: MSNBC

8 thoughts on “600,000 XBOX 360 consoles are to be BANNED from XBOX LIVE!

  1. i think it’s a console from microsoft, a company that wants to sell software “as a service”. what did you -or anyone else with a 360- expect?

    besides it’s not only microsoft which thinks that it still has rights over the stuff you buy. Sony seems to be going down that path as well (mainly psp).

    oh well.. i guess the best solution here is to establish our own “live” netowork, free of course.

  2. LOL another Microsoft Fail as usual. though its not as big as the Apple fail few weeks ago when they sued a market because of an apple logo (which looks nothing like the bitten apple logo)

  3. *announcement*
    looks like a “free live network” already online! any who got banned (or not) can connect to Xbconnect.com.

    The way it works is that your xbox gets tricked into thinking it’s connected to a LAN network when it is in fact connect to xbconnect (play with idiots allover the world). I haven’t tried it though. (I have microsoft allergies)

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