The Return of Bond

Sometime last year I was shocked to hear the MGM was pretty much bankrupt and that as a result there would be no new Bond movie staring my favorite Bond of the bunch Daniel Craig.

That made me sad.

Then I heard that the next bond story will be a videogame, more specifically a first person shooter with stealth elements.

That made me mad.

However it seems the universe loves me and other people like me for it has ordained November 9th 2012 as the return of the Bond Movie.

The currently titled “Bond 23” has been announced by MGM and is planned to go into production sometime later this year with Daniel Craig returning as the legendary British secret agent, with Sam Mendes directing. Not details have come out regarding the script but apparently the story picks up right after Quantum of Solace.

Sam Mendes, as some of you might remember, was the director of Road to Perdition, Jarhead and American Beauty, which are all fantastic movies (Road to Perdition also stars Daniel Craig in a supporting role to Tom Hanks and Paul Newman.

That made me Glad.

Original Credit goes to: Deadline

4 thoughts on “The Return of Bond

  1. Um, … you do realized that the date says: Novermber 2012 and not 2011? November 2012, … that will never come, you’ll never see the movie, world’s ending! 😛

    1. The exact date of the end of the world is December 23rd. The world knows not to disturb my bond watching 😛

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