Go get’em tiger! NO WAIT!! NOT YOU!! AURGH!!!

This happened in Germany, country of weird stuff to happen

It goes like this:

A Russian-Circus member was walking down the streets (No, he didn’t get assaulted! This is not Monty Python!!) with a tiger cub where some local woman reported that to police. So the authorities gave him temporary permission to walk around the tiger cub and inform them about it.

I’m imagining a Russian man walking around a mini version of Tony the tiger (Picture above) xD

On a side story, I remember a year or two ago I went to my friend somewhere beyond infinity (Infinity is 6th ring road)… Can’t remember the area’s name. But I kid you not, I saw a guy walking around the streets with his cute sheep!!

Too bad I don’t have a pic to prove it 😛


I miss REUTERS odd-news 😛

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