The reasons I’m excited about 2009

I’ll make it short since I’m in Dunkin’Donuts in Gulf Street

1.   Windows 7 will be out
2.   nVidia will start making their own Netbooks
3.   EA will publish their games under Steam
4.   Hajime no Ippo will start airing
5.   I’ll graduate
6.   I’ll get a real job
7.   WiMD would officially launch (Thats what I heard from a trusted source)
8.   I’ll start getting better photography equipments
9.   I’ll have more time for me to do things I planned (Annoy my nieces is an included plan)
10.   I’ll probably buy both PS3 and Xbox360
11.   I’ll get a better Internet connection

Well… Happy new year everyone… I hope it turns out good to everyone like how it would turn out to me =D

7 thoughts on “The reasons I’m excited about 2009

  1. if years changed in June, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. btw, steam isn’t that big of a deal.. at least i don’t like it. but who cares anyways

  2. Teeman and nemo:
    Thanks both of you… Belated happy new year to you two too =D (I know it’s a total engilazy… But I felt like using it :P)

    I’m not that crazy!!

    You don’t play good video games… thats why you don’t like it 😛

  3. WTF!? you gotta be kidding me!!

    There’s an “OFFLINE” mode for steam… RTFM!! 😛

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