The following article is written by my brother (“Murder He Wrote” is his nick name!) I’ve read it but can’t stop there; gotta share it with you guys! And I know, this article is as long as a banana!! but you gotta read his reasons!! LOL!!



Bananas are overrated; everyone thinks they’re a great source of nutrition.. but they’re not.

They’re not tasty, they quickly turn brown and their cover is too sticky! If those three reasons
aren’t good for you then take a load of this:

1. not tasty
2. spoil quick
3. too sticky

4th reason: Every time I’m in the mood for a banana; I open it and get brown honey! I mean, if I wanted honey I’d go to the
freak’n bear bottle!

5th reason: Bananas are monkey’s best food. You clearly can see why anyone refuses to look like a monkey. In other words;
bananas are gonna make a monkey out of ya!

6th reason: Bananas has too many na-na-nas in the word.. I know I’m being picky; for picking on the fruit because of it’s name;
but seriously; the name’s as long as the banana itself.

7th reason:Bananas are evil. I have a theory that the end of the world will be on the hands of a banana. Bare with me here for
just a second; did you that a banana (still unsolved to this day) is suspected to have murdered JFK. And what did really happen
on 9/11, was it really Osama bin Ladin or was it a banana? It’s a proven fact that Bananas mature much quicker than humans,
so in the end, what do you think will really happen?

8th reason: They remind me of Windows: every time I eat a banana it’s when I’m waiting for windows to resume after
hibernating (which takes forever) or because I clicked on the Word short-cut and the system shows me the “not responding”
sign and then shuts down. See 1000 reasons why I hate windows

9th reason: A banana is like a wife; you get it expecting something good will come out of it; but then you discover is too slimy
and needy and you want your money back. Didn’t understand reason 9? That’s because your retarded .. don’t worry; it’s not
your fault; it’s probably the bananas’ fault.

10th reason:… Do you really need a 10th reason? Does 9 fail to make you understand? Fine, if you’re that dumb, then read
number 10. Bananas suck! Period!

Seriously; you want fruits; you have apples; oranges, pear, blueberries, grapes, watermelons… anything! But bananas NO! the only reason why they placed bananas with the fruits category was because vegetable people refused to acknowledge it as a vegetable .. who can blame them?

PS: If you want more like this, or just the original (10 REASONS WHY I HATE BANANAS) PDF  file, Please send a message to: Q8book4U@Gmail.com


LOL, This made me laught anxiously!!!


  1. “as long as a banana ” … THATS WHAT SHE SAID XD
    LMAOOOO!!!! DUDE banana’s are not that bad …
    they look like the MOOON when its pretty 😛

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