The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf infront of Qasr Al-Seif: Day 2

I was bored and wandering alone in Gulf Street… So I thought of giving that place another shot…

Went there yesterday around 22:00… Give’n’Take… Couldn’t write this post due to my laziness (I woke up around 21:10)… Didn’t stay much there…

Good things happened:
*   Still quite… No big noise.
*   Ordered their Hot Chocolate… Large Size… 1.500KD… Taste GEEWD (But not as good as their VANILLAAAA).
*   Still decent taste of music… But I still use my iPod.
*   Lively and spirited staff… Even though I asked’em for 5 minutes to decide what to order, they kept nagging abit…

Bad things happened:
*   Still no WiFi… I had to use my Wnet card (Which I always do regardless the WiFi existance =P).
*   Seats are still annoying… I have to bend my back to use the laptop… Unless I put my laptop on my lap.

*   Parking the car wasn’t as smooth as first time… Yet it wasn’t as hard as… lets say, parking my car in my college…
*   I gotta keep my iPod’s volume down… Somewhere around %85…

The place is quite… Maybe it’ll be the only reason to go there… That, and their Hot VANILLAAAAAH!!!

4 thoughts on “The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf infront of Qasr Al-Seif: Day 2

  1. .. just go to caribou in FTZ.. and why do you have to lower your ipods volume to 85%? O.o

  2. well, caribou is a great place to be in… but y’know i should give other places another shot… who knows I might find a better spot here or there… and yes i had to lower the volume because some elder deshdasha men (35~infiniti) are somekinda close… gotta show some respect dude

  3. ahh ..
    i recommend going for some noise canceling buds then .. you cant hear people on the outside, and people on the outside cant hear you

    i myself hate them, and show nobody respect unless they show me some .. but its a suggestion <.<

  4. my ears are small enough that i HAVE to use my current ones to hang them to my ears…

    i dont give a smelly poop about other people, but when the place is so quite with few elders sitting really close to you tryin’ to discuss somethin’ important to them (not to me… but stealin’ a word or two would be good)… lowering the volume is a good action to take

    who knows you could listen to their wise words and stuff while listening to music…

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