Dunkin’ Donuts: IMPROVEMENTS!!!

Yea, I gotta admit… They really improved…

The restroom is becoming much cleaner… I don’t know if those messy customers decreased (hope not) or they workers in here pushed it harder.

And few minutes before writing this port, a new paper thingy (I don’t know what to call it… so it’s a thingy) have been spreading around on every table. I’ll quote whats written on it:

Starting June 1st

Every 1KD you spend

On Dunkin’Donuts Products you receive

2 Hours of free internet

Oh boy, I could start my Xubuntu USB Flash Drive and update stuff while sipping coffee for 2 hours… AMAZING!!!… This offer even beats Caribou Coffee’s offer which goes something similar to:

“Get a free internet hour whenever you buy something”

I likie the improvements… Wish for the best =D

3 thoughts on “Dunkin’ Donuts: IMPROVEMENTS!!!

  1. great, guess we’ll be hanging out there alot. and getting our asses grow to uber sizes .. and you can get your XCFE online .. yay

  2. uber sized? YOU CANT BEAT MINE!!! BLAAAAAAAARGH!… and its XFCE you bagar!

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