The blog is back!

I’d like to apologize for the delay and pulling down the blog.

It’s really ironic that the blog got hacked by my own mistakes. I just did whatever I can think of to prevent future incidents. I hope things works well from now on.

Lessons I’ve learned: KEEP FREQUENT BACKUPS!! I’m just so glad that JustHost were able to recover my database, or else, I would’ve given up on blogging…

So, like the new there? 😛

8 thoughts on “The blog is back!

  1. Oh yea, I told you I liked the new theme but the only problem that I see is that it would be nice to have pictures or videos underneath each post and that there would only be a few lines of text before you can click on the actual post to view the whole thing.

  2. I totally agree with Darkwolf 80’s the theme is not just nice its beautiful! its the best theme that youve put on this blog EVER!!!! but adding videos and images under the posts would be so much better! once again Beautiful theme! you did a heck of job on it ..Well Done!

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