Microsoft and Nokia to team up!?

I am a fan of Nokia, they produce the BEST mobile phones ever (Hardware reliability wise). And I’m a Microsoft fan (Just bought HTC HD7 which I’m adoring)… This is so good!!

To make it short, they’ll both work on some sort of partnership program.

Nokia will provide Microsoft their hardware expertise and Microsoft will provide Nokia their software expertise. Which means (I hope I’m right), Nokia will have Windows phone 7 OS in their new mobile devices while Symbian-based phones will be there and improved, MeeGo will be opensource (Duuh) and have LTS and all…

I might have to say goodbye to my beloved HTC HD7 sooner than I thought 🙁

Microsoft Release Press
Nokia Press Release

10 thoughts on “Microsoft and Nokia to team up!?

  1. For some reason when i heard about this it felt like when Windows partnered with IBM to take down apple which it did. But this time im not so sure theyll be able to take down the iOS or Android but theres going to be a lot of competition thats for sure!

    1. I’m using it after having my Samsung S3 bricking on me. And I gotta say, the wisest decision I ever made for such a long time (For my needs at least)

  2. Great, i am thinking to go ahead and use it, i think it is smart! and i want to see what NOKIA can do, i am glad someone from Kuwait recommends it! 🙂 thanks for the advice….

    1. If you’re not using many apps and just want things to be done, it’s a good choice.
      If you’re looking for the luxury of customizations and many many apps, Android is a better choice.

  3. im mostly concerned about twitter! if it smart and user friendly ill give it a try! and i will also need to transfer contacts from IOS
    These are my main concerns, your thoughts?

    1. The default twitter app is good enough.
      Porting contacts is fine too if you sync them with Live or Google accounts

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