The 2nd Larynx Transplant In The World:

Larynx, or as they call it, the voicebox, is considered a very difficult organ to transplant, due to its complexity and the sensitivity of the voice cords, not to mention the risks of organ rejection. But the 52 year old Brenda Jensen was a perfect and rare candidate for the transplant. Since she already went through a kidney and pancreas transplant back in 2006, she was already taking medicines to prevent her body from organ rejection.

The first ever documented larynx transplant was done in 1998.

It seems like organ transplant is becoming easier by the year, if only organ availability matched that.


2 thoughts on “The 2nd Larynx Transplant In The World:

    1. If you watched the first episode of Ghost In The Shell – Stand Alone Complex, you’ll know that brain transplant is a threat.

      Then again, woah! I bet that woman now is going to start singing opera songs 😛

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