Surprising Windows7 License Agreement

I really liked the License Agreement for Windows7…

According to ZDNET, the license goes as follows (I’ll make it short, you can check the provided link below for more details):

You can install as many copies as you want.
Don’t use it in a production environment.
The software expires on August 1, 2009.
It’s OK to install in a virtual machine.
You’ll need to take a few extra steps to lock down your privacy.
Activation and validation are alive and well.
No benchmarks allowed.

Fun fun fun…

Click here to read the ZDNET article

10 thoughts on “Surprising Windows7 License Agreement

  1. Well… It’s a leaked closed beta… The open beta will be something different I assume 😛

    Yet I AM looking forward to buy Windows7

  2. i thought microsoft had finally wised up when i read that “You can install as many copies as you want”.
    but as usual the went ahead and screwed it up by saying that “The software expires on August 1, 2009”.
    PS: as a programmer, “Don’t use it in a production environment” pisses me off too. and it should piss you off as well!

  3. in case you weren’t following up:
    It’s a LEAKED CLOSED BETA… THEY’LL SET A DEADLINE OFCOURSE!!! EVEN THE PUBLIC BETA THAT’LL BE RELEASED THIS MONTH WOULD PROBABLY HAVE A DEADLINE TOO… best way not to have a deadline is TO BUY THE OFFICIAL RELEASE which would be in this year (prediction would be in october… but it’s just me)…

    Knowing you, you’d go like “I wouldn’t go for a proprietary OS” 😛

    Not using it in a production environment means don’t use it in your workplace as a main OS because it’s a LEAKED CLOSED BETA… It could crash any time because it’s a LEAKED and CLOSED BETA!!!

  4. “buy a fake copy? read what you’re wrote… it’s totally idiotic”

    “I’d buy a fake copy!”

    lol!!! but I’m not gonna change it,… it’s funny

  5. it’ll change ofcourse… beta license is something, and release lisence is somethin TOTALLY else

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