Steve Jobs A NINJA !!

So apparently, Stevey was on a visit vacation to Tokyo Japan and apparently he got some private ninja lessons there or smthng, because on his way to his own private jet, the Japanese security found a number of Shurikens in his bags.

The alarmed Security at the airport insisted on confiscating them ( don’t wanna be spreading their ninja secrets to the world) He was quoted saying: What am I gonna hijack my own damn private jet with some shurikens ??

Of course the witty community was quick as ever to benefit from this and thus we have:

I predict he will be going to somalia soon to buy a parrot, an eye patch and a sword… IPIRATE !

P.S I know that ninjas came from china and the Japanese had the Samurai to protect their emperor from the evol ninjas, but cmon … its Steve Jobs ! 😛

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