Mega Man 8-bit DOOM Version

Better believe it. A group of people from have manged to take the old school DOOM game that we all dearly love to the next level, only this time it’s Megaman wars! You play as one of the many Megaman characters or enemies but what’s cool about this custom game mod is that the playing field  in this game is in  first person shooter FPS but with Megaman 8 bit NES pixel design. I know what you’re thinking “WTF?! How is this possible?!” I don’t know, these underground geek developers have smoked some pot one day and BAM! It’s there!

Just like DOOM you’re fighting against other Megaman players. That said you’re not limited to just one weapon. You have the ability to pickup any of the mid bosses suits and use their weapon against other Megaman players. In other words, it’s Megaman on steroids and yes, you can also play this game online. The game is currently its demo phase and file size of the game is only 28MB which includes 4 maps, 5 skins and over 10 different weapons to try out. I must say as demo it’s freak’n addictive!

Did I mention that you DON’T NEED DOOM TO PLAY THIS GAME!!

Warning: If you have epilepsy or you’re the type of person who easily can get a head spin from playing FPS games, please don’t download or even think about touching this game. You will only get dizzy and or worse barf at your computer screen.

Video Demo

Download Game from the official website HERE

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