Startrailing the Milkyway

This is what you get when you drive an hour or two to some almost-optical-pollution-free area timing it perfectly so that there’s no moon in the sky, grill some noms and leave your camera to click away some pictures for few hours after suffering because you need to keep the camera in burst mode and you forgot your shutter release cable that you had to use a rubberband and a piece of paper! (I’m not kidding, I did that)

Startrailing the Milkyway - AlSalmi, Kuwait

So yeah, I went with my friend a couple of days ago to AlSalmi again to click’n’grill away.

Result, last post’s pictures and the one you see above.

Mistakes? I shouldn’t have gone for ISO 3200. So damn noisy!
Learned? Rubberbands can be useful!

So yeah, here’s the settings:
Camera: Sony NEX-5 (Yes, not my a55 for a change)
Lens: 16mm 2.8f
Shutter speed: 30″ (x94 pictures… Around 47 minutes in total)
ISO: 3200 (A big BIG mistake!)

I’ll keep on doing this until I get a picture that really satisfies me. This doesn’t, fully!

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