I am now an official Arduino distributor in Kuwait

Yep, this explains it all.

Today I sealed the agreement of distributing Arduinos in Kuwait. I’ll order my first batch next so if there’s anything you’d like to get, let me know to place an order for you while I’m at it 😀

11 thoughts on “I am now an official Arduino distributor in Kuwait

  1. هاها نااايس
    عاد انا الحين شغال عليها ببروجكت حق الجامعة، ماخذها من رفيجي
    Good Luck !!


  2. Oh, wow, man; Good for you, Kinns!

    Funny that few days ago I told a friend about it and he’s considering buying some. … heh, I think I’ll be bringing you some few costomers.

    Happy to see things are running smooth around here, … been ages.

    1. That’ll be terrific!!

      Why don’t you get one for teh lulz? I’m sure you’ll build up something interesting 😀

      Perhaps integrate it with your brain to see your kernel walking around? 😛

  3. Hey I wanted a BeagleBone Black DevKit. Since its 14KD on amazon I am expecting it to be around 16KD in Kuwait.

    1. Unfortunately, we’re not selling BeagleBone 🙁
      I don’t know if it’ll interest you, but we have Raspberry Pi if you’re interested

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