Starting to love FastTelco already

We (at my dad’s office) faced issues with our previous ISP (Zajil\Kems) due to their bad technical support. So we switched to another ISP… Which happened to be FastTelco.

Here’s how things happened, since we cut things off with Zajil, we thought of seeing other options we have; FastTelco and UnitedNetworks (Since Qualitynet is out of the race)

Back in the Zajil\Kems days, we had 64 IP Addresses, 1.5mbps Download and 512kbps Upload in a price that we considered costs alot. So we started taking offers from UnitedNetworks and FastTelco. And here how it went:
* FastTelco offered 64 IP Addresses, 2mbps Download and 2mbps Upload in a price that went lower than Zajil\Kems.
* UnitedNetworks offered 32 IP Addresses with 2mbps Download and 2mbps Upload for a price which was as exactly as Zajil\Kems’ previous connection.
* UnitedNetowrks offered another package with 64 IP Addresses, 2mbps Download, 2mbps Upload with a price that even went beyond Zajil\Kems’ price.

Based on the offers, we decided to take on FastTelco… And surprisingly they wrap everything up in 2 days flat! 1 day to sign the papers, the connection is on from the very next day!!

It’s not like we didn’t face any trouble, we did. However, their flexibility and fast act was far beyond amazing to me. Here’s what happened:
Due to our building’s crappy phone lines, our hsDSL can’t be handled by the phone lines… So we had to downgrade to 64 IP Addresses, 2mbps Download, 512kbps Upload which is great too! The downgrade process took little time… No complications… No “I’ll pass by the next day and re-arrange stuff”… Just quick finalizing…

And as a proof of their seriousness; in a single phone call, things got chained up in a way that we ended up having 4 FastTelco members here in the office finalizing stuff technically and paper-job thingy.

And thanks to their quick actions, our network is back online in 5 hours delay only. I’m sure other ISPs would take days to finalize such scenario.

Its a really great start from FastTelco. I really hope they keep things as great as this if not any greater… GO GO FASTTELCO!!!

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