Amazing AirCraft damage control!!

Bad news to Mingash (The guy who assume he shot an Apache or whatever with a crappy ol’ rifle)

As always, daily checking Engadget to see new and fun stuff (well, to me they are)…

And I passed by this: A system provided by DARPA and Athena’s Damage Tolerance and Autonomous Landing Solution to auto adjust aircrafts with damages (missiles, guns … etc)… Landing as if it was totally nothing.

The demonstrated on a scale-model of F-18 with around %60 of one of the wings getting damaged while the F-18 is in the air.

Now Mingash must think of another way… maybe learn some hacking skills to hack that system THEN shoot it with his magical rifle =P

Can’t wait to find something similar for cars…

Click here to read Engadget’s review about the whole thing.
Click here to see the demonstration

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