Sony’s new touch panel prototype: It detects pressure.

Sony demonstrated their touch panel which can detect the pressure you’re applying that could give a z-axis reading.

According to what I’ve read, devices using this touch panel might costs an arm and\or a leg. But if you ask me, it worth what you’re going to get since, well, you can do so many things with this panel. For example, a 3D desktop environment for mobiles (Something I came up with from the top of my head).

Sony would want to use this panel as soon as possible. I just hope they kick in a kickass WinMo7 with this screen… Oh boy, that’ll be so much PHUN!!


One thought on “Sony’s new touch panel prototype: It detects pressure.

  1. lol, wouldnt work in kuwait!!!

    just imagined a kid using this phone pressing with all he got just to win a game, but ends breaking the screen XD

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