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iphone g4

I’m not a huge apple fan, and even though i got an iphone, I like it for some features, but hate it for alot more… In my opinion, the iphone is at the top of the market only because it was the first. And it certainly did not reach there because it is the best company in the world, but because of all the effort being put into making those amazing apps by developers worldwide

Fact: developers are leaving the iphone development because apple is making it harder for them to develop apps on its iphone.
Fact: developers are also leaving because alot of apps that work in a different way than apple had in mind, are getting refused from the appstore. This lead to a huge underground community for modding the iphone such as jailbreaking the iphone, installing cydia on it, and also getting cracked apps…
Fact: the android is taking another approach for the developers by opening up the development and making it easy for developers to create new apps and publish them online.
(i dont know much about how other phone OSs are doing so i will limit it to these 2)

The only flaw in Android’s approach is that now anyone can post a new app on the android, but there is no proper quality check on the apps!

Anyways enough with this looong introduction lets talk about the 4th Iphone:

The design is more firm to hold more hardware inside yet somehow its thinner than the older versions.
It has a better and more powerful processor that uses less power than the previous models
This helps the new Iphone have a much better battery life than the previous versions.
The screen is also improved to give HD quality and a brighter clearer image
The camera is now a 5 Mp camera, that can take better quality pics than any previous model, they also added a led flash to make sure that the quality of the pictures are much much better in low light conditions.
For the first time, the g4 iphone now has a front side camera that can be used to video chatting and conferencing, this will be great for using video chat software such as skype.
Finally, the G4 Iphone will be having the new IOS 4 which will support a mimic version of multi tasking, as well as new features that are basic in other phones but now that they are being implemented in the iphone , its being viewed as a huge hit!!! these include:
different folders in pictures
ability to create folders and put apps in it
being able to run more than one app at the same time

all this and they still dont have a letter count in their sms… Apple gives u a candy, and tell u they gave u a box of the best candy in the world… its a shame how people believe them ….

for more information you can go : here and here

10 thoughts on “Apple Iphone Generation 4

  1. When compared to the HTC Evo ow no wait sorry thats like way out of its league, how about this, when compared to the HTC Desire well its just old news *yawns* i mean no adobe flash support pffft wtf? but i guess itll live all thanks to idiotic apple fans that dont think straight <.<

  2. it is my self-proclaimed objective observation that the main reason that the portable Apple Devices such as Ipad and Iphone is so so successful is because of their applications. I am a personal Fan of Android. However, Compared to the apps store, Their app market is pretty small and boring. not to mention that the games provided in the App Store are much more interesting then Androids… i wont be happy until i see i serious video games like “Chaos ring” by square enix on the App Market.

  3. IPad is successful because of the fan boys, they would buy anything that has the damn logo on it.

  4. i like the slogan “This changes everything. Again” tells the truth! They wrote “again” because they said the same thing before that lead most people to buy their product. After a while they did the same thing AGAIN and will continue do that AGAIN AND AGAIN!! Every time adding some new gimmicks features just to let the iSlaves fall for it!! And they DO!! sadly!

    I mean come on, did it really need all that time to have the OS able to multitask?!! And come one if you saw the vid of iphone’s “face time”, you’d realize Jobs said that this is an iphone-to-iphone for 2010, and then they’ll produce another when they have things confirmed with the companies!!!!! HE SAID IT HIMSELF!! … *sighs*

    I really like your facts Firas124, they made me feel a bit satisfied!!

    Im pretty sure when these reach kuwait, most iphone owners will get it!!

    by the way, that’s a very nice post!

    @fencer: +! it’s called iSlavery!

  5. the thing that sux is that most graphic designers and artists use the apple products like macs so they do most of the designing and coding for iphone apps directly for apple.
    I guess this means that the majority of creativity is being invested in iphone’s app store
    unlike android that mostly geeks are getting excited over it.

    so androids are gonna get mostly hacking apps and things that make our life easier
    but i dont think it will look as “pretty” as the iphone…

    to give the iphone some credit, they were the first to create a phone with only apps and simplicity in mind, and that gave them a huge boost.

    but hey, competition is catching up really quick
    so just gotta wait and see 😀

  6. Those guys beg to differ when it comes to looks
    BUT when it comes to app store and stuff well most people are focusing on “Games” they have pretty cool games yes! but not so many productive apps and the fact that google apps can be very helpful.. honestly as good as the iphones app store is let me tell you ….. i am getting pretty annoyed with all the hype and the OMG! so amazing.. seriously there are SO many phones out there that are much better than the iphone but i guess its the fact that these phones lack the “cool” app store

  7. apple has a long tradition of screwing everyone.. including its costumers. the funny thing is that the customers (and companies) keep coming for more.
    yes, apple’s app store has a lot more amazing apps, but that’s only because the developers know that anyone who’s willing to buy an iphone has way to much money on their hands and doesn’t mind spending it on unnecessary things. (the iphone itself isn’t necessary). so the devs go where the money is.

    ps: the truth hurts, i know.

  8. teeman, i love it when you randomly throw in unrelated stats 🙂
    first, those graphs don’t contradict what I mentioned. typical iphone users are naturally “very satisfied” with there phones. and if they haven’t been completely brain washed yet, the app store has more than enough apps to keep them busy until the next iphone comes out.
    besides, those charts show that only 70 percent of iphone users are “very satisfied”. what happened to the remaining 30%?
    three out of ten users not satisfied is a pretty large number when you consider the total number of people who actually bought the device.

    but like i said, these stats have no relation to what i mentioned in the previous comment. after all, people can still be screwed without knowing it.

    ps to iphone users: i’m a jerk, i know

  9. Sig, im sorry but how are those unrelated. “three out of ten users not satisfied is a pretty large number when you consider the total number of people who actually bought the device” yes its a big number BUT that is considered as minimal because as you can see you’ve got 7 people out of 10. You can never have a product that would fully satisfy all the customers with its service, another thing and infact the more important one is that those “stats” show that when it comes to customer service it is not HTC that tops the list or Nokia or RIM BUT it is Apple with their iPhone.
    Ow and another thing that link is definitely related to what you were saying “apple has a long tradition of screwing everyone.. including its costumers” well i just showed you or well that link would’ve showed you how satisfied the iPhones customers are.

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