Sony a55… In my arsenal soon!

So yea, I forced a friend of mine to order me Sony a55 because my a300 is TOTALLY giving up on me…

Why giving up on me? Here’s how:
* High noise when I raise the ISO more than 400… Even 400 is hard enough to deal with!
* Almost 3fps in burst mode… I mean, COME ON!!
* Embedded dust! The sensor is so dusty that I think the dust is embedded inside! Even Sony workshop couldn’t deal with it!
* 10MP… Seriously now, we’re not in 2005 anymore!

So yea, I can’t wait for Sony to announce a77, so I’m going with a55 for the time being… Expect crazier shots!

If you don’t know what Sony a55 can do, I think saying 10fps in burst mode is enough (Fastest burst mode ever!.. At least so far)… You can check the video below (Dig the 3D panorama swipe 😛

6 thoughts on “Sony a55… In my arsenal soon!

  1. The A700 should be good enough for me but I’ll wait for the A77 (or whatever the hell it’ll be called).After it’s release I’ll decide whether to get the A77 ( a bit nervous about the EVF) or A700 or just switch to a 50D (Canon) or a D7000(Nikon).

    In the mean time, don’t forget to write an in-depth review of the A55 when you get your grubby mittens on it, specially the EVF in low light. 🙂

  2. Don’t do Sony! They still have issues with noise (I’ll re-evaluate it when I get my hands on ma new a55)

    Convert to Canon\Nikon (I recommend Nikon for support or Canon if you’re cheap xD hahaha)… RUN! SAVE YOUR POOPER FROM GETTING SCREWED BY SONY’S NOISE!!

  3. Maybe I’ll go Canon but buy a boat load of L-glass!!!!!!

    Nah, I probably won’t lol I’m just outta highschool.

    I have a slight investment ( probably not more than a 100KD) in Sony so I AM on the fence but the a700 looks pretty decent.

    When the time comes the biggest factor for me will be which of the camera makers would give the best price at the advanced amateur level.

    1. NO DOOON’T!!!

      At least wait till I give it a spin and compare it to Canon 550D (Or maybe 7D… Iunno)

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